Supplements are not a replacement for actual food nutrition.  However, did you know that 50 years ago you could get all the vitamin A you need from 2 or 3 peaches, whereas today you would need to eat 35 of them to get the same amount? Intensive farming practices have left our soils – and therefore our foods – bereft of vitamins and minerals.  Therefore, supplementation is a really important way to achieve optimum health.

For Kids:

Uncle Moishy kosher kids vitaminsThis is the supplement I’ve decided to give my kids: Uncle Moishy Childrens Multi-Vitamin Mineral Jellies with Choline – 120 Jellies.  This is a vegetarian, gelatin free supplement, which also happens to be kosher.  I like it because it doesn’t include artificial colors and preservatives or gluten (for those with allergies) – and there is no fish or egg either, if you’re vegan. I don’t give my kids candies, so these vitamins double as a “special treat” – win-win for both me and the kids! Try some today.

For Parents:

Nutri-supreme Leucoselect Grapeseed ExtractThis is the Nutri Supreme Grapeseed Extract Leucoselect – 60 Vegan Capsules.  Grapeseed extract is one of the most powerful and potent antioxidants out there.  Modern nutrition science shows that inflammation is the cause of most modern health problems.  Oxidation within cells causes malfunction and deterioration, which can be passed on to new cells in the form of mutations.  Inflammation is also the cause of common diseases such as arthritis.  The best way to combat these diseases is through consumption of lots of antioxidants.  Unfortunately, our food today contains less antioxidants than we need to combat disease. Taking an antioxidant supplement can balance this out.  This is the antioxidant supplement I take – click here to try some today!

Omega 3 Platinum Fish Oil + Vitamin D3Did you know that it takes a mother FOUR YEARS to recover her brain function after having each baby? This is because baby’s brain needs omega 3 fatty acids to grow and those are taken from mom’s diet and from her brain.  Regain brain function faster by taking supplements – our diets today don’t contain enough omega 3 and too much omega 6!  Zahlers Advanced Omega-3 + Vitamin D3 Platinum Fish Oil High EPA/DHA (Premium Grade) – 180 Softgels is a super high quality (kosher) fish oil supplement. I take it especially because it also contains vitamin D, which I happen to be deficient in since pregnancy!  I suggest you click here to buy this high quality omega 3 & vitamin D3 supplement!

Please let me know if you have tried any of these supplements and what you think.  And of course leave a comment below if there is a particular supplement you enjoy taking so I can check it out!

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    • Thank you for that suggestion! I am always looking to improve my site. However, it would perhaps be better to use the contact form to let me know about such things, as it is not really relevant to supplements for children and pregnant mothers.

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