About Me

About Me

Rachel & Levi at Dora's WeddingRachel is a stay-at-home mother of two boys under three.  She spends her days cooking healthy and delicious food, working out at the gym, and (of course) playing with her two beautiful boys!

Although she has degrees in philosophy and Spanish, and is a licensed US attorney, she wants to go back and get one more – nutrition – so she can pursue her true passion.  After working for downtown Miami law firms where she spent 12 hours a day, 6 days a week slaving over cases that only made her boss rich, she realized this kind of lifestyle was not the healthiest way to live, physically, mentally, or spiritually.  She now wants to be able to spend her time with those she loves.  However, her strong love of helping other people achieve their dreams has led her to want to share her nutrition knowledge with the wider world.

Akiva Running in the SunshineRachel believes a healthy lifestyle is the best medicine. Most ailments and illnesses can be prevented or even cured by changing to a healthier lifestyle and diet. (She is not against Western medicine and agrees that it has a place.) Rachel’s passion is diet, nutrition, and food in general, and she wants to share this with the world.

As a mum, Rachel knows firsthand how much parents love their children.  We all want only the very best for our kids.  She wants to help guide others to be the best parents they can be, so we can raise the healthiest kids possible.  Health is the real wealth, and is an enduring legacy we can give our kids.

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